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Jean's Exotic Birds is located in Riverside, California.

Please use the links on the left to take a look at the different types of birds that we raise. Also, on each of the pages are pictures of our baby birds.

All of the baby birds are hand-fed and raised in a loving and caring environment. All of our birds can be very good pets, however, this is up to you. Give them love, affection, attention and never leave them in a cage all the time. Otherwise you will have a feather picker and an unhappy bird. If these birds start picking their feathers, it is possible they could go crazy and then there is no turning back. Always remember, these are exotic birds and something to take special care of because one day there may be no more breeders around and these loveable animals will no longer be available to us.

Also, remember to always keep their wings cut. If you don't, no matter how much you think they love you, remember they are birds and if given the opportunity they will fly away because this is what they are born to do.

For more information on the availability of our birds, our current prices, phoneJEAN CRANE at (909)687-1031 or email using the link below.

Now accepting Visa and Mastercard.
Please call for details.

US Orders only.

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