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Physical Description

The African Grey is primarily ... grey. There is a white area around the eye, and a red tail. There are two types of Greys, the normal African Grey and the Timneh race. The Timneh race has a dull red tail.

Although there are only two scientifically recognized subspecies, the Congo and Timneh; It has been discovered two other AGs that come from different regions and have distinctive differences. The first is the Camaroon, which comes from Zaire (they were exported by an exporter in Camaroon) , is approx. 20% larger, has a more silver appearance, larger squarer head, and a brighter crimson tail than the Congo. The second is the "Ghana", from Ghana, not Guyana located in Central America. The Ghana is smaller than the Congo and similar to the Timneh but has a much longer neck.

13 Inches (Larger bird, but has a short tail)


Known as the best parrot at mimicry. Studies have shown that the Grey can actually understand and use human language. They can have a tendency to bond to one person.

Relatively quiet and are the best talkers.


7 Week old African Grays, on three feedings a day.

Front view of the African Grays. 7 weeks old. Remember these are the most intelligent birds in the world. They can be taught to count, tell a color, tell shapes of blocks and so many more things. It does take time and patience but what a worth-wild project, wouldn't you say? You don't have to teach these marvelous birds to talk. They mimic what they hear. That is if that's what they want to say. This is why they are so intelligent.

AFRICAN GREYS (On perch-12 weeks old)

These little guys are my African Grey Babies. (5 weeks old)

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